If you need help deciding on whether to spend your time doing Aikido, the following facts might help you make up your mind:

You want to do aikido, because
  • it is suitable for all fitness levels, but will help you get fit too.
  • it naturally involves a lot of stretching. You will become nice and flexible with time.
  • it preserves your body longterm. Our technical director is fully capable of doing Aikido even now at the age of 80.
  • it literally has no rules. Advanced Aikido considers general situations, where you may have multiple armed opponents.
  • you can improve your posture, balance, correct breathing and coordination a lot as they are essential in Aikido.
  • you want to learn to flow more, so that your moves smoothly transform one into another.
  • we learn how to fall on the ground correctly without hurting ourself.
  • you have seen a lot of cool rolls and flips in movies. Now you have a real chance to learn them yourself.
  • you can finally learn to use your hips, and dancing will be your second name.
  • (statistically) you have a great chance to find your 2nd half here.
Things that aikido can not do for you:
  • Just doing aikido is already a workout. However, if you are an experienced athlete searching for something really intensive,or if you want to concentrate on improving your strength, then aikido alone might not be enough. It's best to come once and see how challenging you find it.
  • Aikido is a soft and peaceful way, that attempts to immobilize opponent just enough for you to run away, without actually hurting him, if possible. If you desire to learn how to overpower your opponent, or how to seriously damage him so that he does not stand up, try other martial arts.