Our social rep works hard to let us enjoy a fun and balanced set of socials throughout the year. We frequently do
  • Pub Socials. Usually happen after the Weekday
    session, since it is in the evening anyway. We are most frequently found in the Whey Pat this year. We drink, chat and most importantly eat cheesy nachoes!
  • Flat Socials; where we participate in pot lucks, movie nights, and other homely activities. These often present the best chance to play a round or two of games - the club twister set being a regular addition to our get togethers :)
  • Dinners / Parties! Centred around themes and dates, such as fresher's, Halloween, Christmas, End of terms, and so one, the club enjoys a healthy roster of culinary outings to various restaurants around St Andrews - with the majority of our parties being hosted in the Nesbit Room of the David Russell Apartments reception building.