1) Instructions

Here are some detailed instructions for applications to the aikido scholarship for if you intend to apply:
  • The deadline for entries will be Thursday the 15th of September. You need to submit your entries by that date.
  • You need to be returning member
  • You need to write a 1,000 word pdf, word etc. essay on the topic of "My Opinion on the statement 'Aikido is no longer relevent as a martial art'". Identify yourself with your matriculation number and not your name
  • You need to complete the application form (email the club account, aikido@saints-sport.com, for details)
  • Then send these to the email address rok_0c93@sendtodropbox.com  as attachments (they must be sent as attachments) in the format:
    • Form: [matriculation number]form
    • essay: [matriculation number]essay
    • So if your matriculation number was 123456789 you would save your files as 12345678form.pdf and 123456789essay.pdf (depending on the programme you use you may get a different file extension such as 123456789essay.doc, this is fine) 
    • If you have already submitted documents please re-send them in this format

2) Anonymity

The application process is intended to be anonymous to allow fair judging. The application details will only be discussed by the club's executive committee (Captain, treasurer and secretary) and our coach Ricky. We use matriculation numbers to make this anonymous and will only check the names of the successful applicants. Here is a message from Ricky about this:

All essay entries will be kept confidential. Please do not include your name. For identification purposes simply include your matriculation number at the top. This is to ensure anonymity of the entries and try to prevent bias in the judging. It is important that you submit this as an e-mail attachment, if you do not send it as an attachment then it will NOT appear in my dropbox.