Aikido Club has a wide variety of amazing events to help us progress faster, meet new people, socialize with fellow martial artists and generally have a lot of fun. This page will attempt to summarize events happening each year, both traditional and new events :)

First Semester 2016/17

Give It A Go Session

Wed 7th Sept


Come and give Aikido a shot.  The give it a go session is a quick introduction to the martial art.

For a better grasp of what Aikido is all about, it's definitely worth coming to at least 3 sessions.  

Fresher's Party

Sat 17th Sept

 A warm welcome to all those who have recently joined, and an acceptable excuse to revive the revelaries of Fresher's week!

 Beginner's Course

 1st - 9th Oct

 This is a great opportunity to meet great Aikido teachers from UK and foreign countries and deepen your knowledge and skill in Aikido through extensive teachings and practice.

Halloween Party

 Sat 29th Oct Scary movies, apple dunking, festivities, and fancy costumes! Almost as fancy as our Gi and Hakama, anyway!

The Aikido club gets together to celebrate Halloween, in all of it's spooky glory!

Second Semester 2016/17

Alan Ruddock Memorial Course April, 2017 A memorial course hosted annually in honour of Alan Ruddock - the founder of the federation of Aiki No Michi. Expect to train with a variety of experienced and well - travelled Senseis and students alike! (Not yet confirmed)
Dragon BallMay, 2017Come and join the St Andrews martial arts clubs, as we unite to bring you one of the best sporting balls in town! Tickets will be purchased as a club. (Not yet confirmed)