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Training on the grass this weekend (18-19 Feb)

posted 16 Feb 2012, 16:19 by Aikido Club - Saints Sport

For anyone who is not in our mailing list yet - the Gym will be unavailable this weekend so we'll be training outside on the grass as long as the weather is nice 

Grading Syllabus

posted 11 Nov 2011, 07:36 by Aikido Club - Saints Sport   [ updated 11 Nov 2011, 07:38 ]

Budo show video

posted 17 Oct 2011, 12:46 by Aikido Club - Saints Sport   [ updated 17 Oct 2011, 12:47 ]

The Budo show was a success! Thanks to everyone who participated and those who came to watch us. For those who missed us - here is a video from the show:

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