Welcome to the University of St Andrews Aikido Club!

Who and what are we?

Aikido is a Japanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba (O'Sensei). His goal was to develop a martial art that allowed practitioners to defend themselves without harming their opponent. 

We use our attacker's strength and aggression against them, with techniques mainly consisting of throws and joint locks. We focus on the unarmed aspects of Aikido, augmented by weapons training since many of Aikido's techniques are derived from use of the sword (bokken) and staff (jo).

Due to the nature of Aikido and its use of body movement and technique, it may be practiced by anyone - regardless of physique, age or fitness level. 

The club is very friendly and boasts a helpful and enjoyable training environment as well as an excellent social life with weekly pub nights, regular parties, putlocks and more!

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Give-it-a-Go Session
Missed the Give-it-a-Go session on September 14? Do not fret! Come to any of our regular training sessions throughout the week to see if Aikido is up your alley. Beginners are always welcome.

Training Times 2019/20
  • Thursday     16:30 -  18:30 @ The Sports Centre
  • Saturday      11:30 -  14:30 @ The Sports Centre
Come to as many as you can, it's not compulsory to attend every training session.

Purchasing membership 

This year membership purchasing has changed - for the better! The Aikido Club is the cheapest martial arts club at the university with the initial membership price at a mere £5, while each training session only costs 50p. This means that a full one-year membership costs a mere £40.

Heres' a link to the university's online shop:

Self Defence Course

Interested in learning more about self defence? Come join us on October 12-13 for a weekend course run by Dan-Philipp Trailescu, an expert in the field.

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Intensive Course

Every year, one of the best Aikido senseis in the world comes and trains the club for a week to help oversee an official grading. Her name is Anita Bonnivert, and she is a 7th dan from Belgium who turned 85 in 2018. Sensei Anita and her late husband, Bob Bonnivert, had the privilege of training with one of O’Sensei’s students, Koichi Tohei, who is the fonder of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido ("aikido with mind and body unified"), also known as the Ki Society. This year, Sensei Anita's intensive course will take place in Semester 2. So stay tuned!